Ecolife products is a UK based company who specialise in innovative environmentally friendly options for household and commercial products utilising new materials and processes.

Our small team has in excess of 100 years of engineering, Quality and design experience developed in Hi Tech industries. This knowledge has been leveraged to develop a range of products which offer new standards of performance and long term value for money whilst adhering to environmentally sound principles.

Product Description

An attractive option for privacy fencing, utilising an innovative material, which offers a long life low maintenance solution for domestic and commercial use. The benefits of this product over traditional options include:

  • 10 year guarantee
  • UV Resistant
  • Low maintenance (No more painting or treatingpanels every year)
  • High quality and finish
  • Dual faced for shared boundary
  • Choice of 6 standard colours
  • Easy to install
  • Strong, durable and weather proof
  • Easy retrofit, slots into existing concrete posts
  • Or can be supplied with attractive and durable
  • WPC or powder coated aluminium posts
  • Offers a low lifecycle cost compared to traditional alternatives
  • Modular system which can be matched to provide solutions for a range of locations/ conditions

Over the lifecycle of your fence a WPC panel will work out considerably cheaper

Ecolife panels carry a 10 year guarantee – That’s 10 years maintenance free

Conventional wooden panels will require treatment every year to maintain colour and resist rotting.

An average fence will cost circa £600.00 to maintain over its lifecycle – The cost for Ecolife panels is £0.00

The average fence consisting of 8 panels will take circa 80 hours to treat and maintain over the lifecycle that equates to two working weeks of fence painting

Eco life panels can be enjoyed maintenance free with no time expended on tedious fence painting

What would you rather do with your free time ?